Our  Role

While the functions of private security service are quite similar to that of police, the functions of private security are far more diverse. Basic skills are much the same for all those who enforce the law or company rules, but the public’s police do not patrol private properties. The concerns of a private security company range from white collar crimes to terrorism. Community housing developments may be beyond the jurisdiction or capabilities of the local police. Communities hire their own security service to patrol and provide full-time law enforcement functions within their community.

Security Officers Role

In order to perform essentially the same task as Police Officers, Security Companies must train and recruit suitable guards for each job. Many minor offenses are handled by Security Officers working with private companies. Competent Security Officers may conduct preliminary investigations and make determinations on whether a case should be referred to the police.

Personnel Selection

As applicants, our Officers must meet higher qualification standards than traditional Officers. As a locally owned and operated Corporation, we pride ourselves in our service and selection techniques.

These selection techniques include:

Background Police Checks

Psychological screening during thorough interview with Security Director . Random drug testing to eliminate drug users through an extensive screening are also conducted. Persons are selected who demonstrate intelligence, interest and motivation. We look for individuals who can operate under stressful situations and communicate well.

Pre-employment Screening

Applicants interested in employment will be required to complete the standard Application for Employment, as well as release forms authorizing for the search of records and background checks. All application forms will be completed in the applicants’ own handwriting (or printed-not typed). All questions are to be answered and required statements completed on these forms.

Our Security Director reviews the applications carefully to see that the applicant has answered all the questions and signed the forms in the spaces provided. Some applicants may leave a question unanswered because they do not understand it, but others may leave it blank intentionally by avoiding disclosing information on the application. Each applicant will be instructed to provide additional responses as necessary to comply with instructions on the forms.

During the employment interview, the applicant form and medical questionnaire will be reviewed with the applicant with special attention given to all items relative to minimum qualifications for employment and particularly those marked during the initial review of the completed forms. Additionally, the applicant will be observed for personal grooming and appearance, health, maturity, oral communication and apparent interest to the job. Any documentation of claimed training; experience or other achievements will be requested at this time. The applicant will be questioned regarding any apparent discrepancies on the application form (s), gaps in employment history, addresses of prior employers and/or supervisors, etc., so that the complete picture of his/her background is developed and sufficient detail presented to facilitate completion

Psychological Screening Test

After completion of the interview, the interviewer will enter pertinent comments on the application form. Every item previously checked on the form (s) will be explained and the matter resolved relative to the applicant’s qualifications. The current status of the applicant relative to possible future employment will be noted. Upon receipt of all requested
documents and determination having been made regarding qualification for employment, a background investigation will be conducted.

Background Investigation

Employment Verification: Contact all employers up to seven (7) years to verify employment and to verify that the applicant had not been terminated from any previous employment for other than dishonorable circumstances. This will be accomplished by telephone or by letter. Those applicants with civilian law enforcement experience will have the law enforcement Certification validated by a State Department of Law Enforcement or Law Enforcement Academy.

Reference/Character Checks: This is accomplished by initially placing telephone calls. Character references will be conducted either by telephone or personally visiting the references residential area.

Police Records Check: A state criminal record check is performed by Master Security going back to the age of 18 to present based on the state where the applicant has resided. Additionally, we request Department of Law Enforcement records on all Officers.

Court House Checks: Master Security initiates a Criminal, Civil, and Federal courthouse records check to determine that there is no record of any type related to criminal activity. This is finalized by a national fingerprint check with the F.B.I.

Driver’s License Check: A three (3) year driving record check is requested on all Officers to establish responsible activity in this area. The interviewer reviews poor driving records. Areas such as DUI’s, suspensions and revocations are re-investigated and again reviewed prior to assignments of the background investigation.